– Trial D4200C00D46: Phase II Placebo Controlled RCT Comparing the efficacy of study drug ZD6474 (VEGF Inhibitor) Plus Taxotere vs Taxotere in the treatment of advanced breast cancer (ABC)

– Trial D4200C000D045: This was a double blind placebo controlled RCT comparing ZD6474 plus Arimidex vs Arimidex in hormone sensitive breast cancer in the second line treatment of ABC

This was a phase II RCT Comparing exemestane vs Anastrozole in post-menopausal subjects with hormone sensitivity in primary breast cancer

– Other IBCSG Trials were 1-14 and OBCSG27

Comparison of Noveldex 20mg vs Noveldex 20mg plus IRESSA (ZD 1839) in patients with metastatic hormone sensitivity tumors

Sub-investigator in a number of trials taking place in our cardiology division

A multicentre epidemiological study exploring Pulmonary Hypertension in Africa. Research involves the assessment of Echocardiographic parameters pertaining to the diagnosis and quantification of Pulmonary Hypertension in Africans. Research is at an early stage and will continue until the target of 500 patients are enrolled